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Xceleris offers professional services in a new model that combines the best attributes of  “tier-one” and "boutique" consultancies. We offer focused consulting and systems integration services in three primary areas where we see the greatest opportunities for most companies to obtain much higher benefits by improving operations and optimizing technology investments.

Business Performance:
Sales and Marketing strategy, process design and optimization, lean enterprise and continuous improvement.

Business Intelligence:
Strategic KPI and Policy deployment, executive dashboard and reporting, ETL design and deployment.

Business Integration:
System and tool evaluation and selection, process and technology design and integration, eBusiness optimization, enterprise systems.

In each of these areas, our professionals have the business and technology expertise to help you accelerate existing initiatives and deploy new ones in a time and cost effective manner. We have packaged some of our services into Value SolutionsSM around which we capitalize experience, standardize approaches, and pre-define templates for effective project delivery and management.

Our services and solutions are all based on the knowledge, skills and experience we have gained from decades of professional practice. Our professionals provide exceptional value and experience in five key disciplines:

Strategy and Architecture
Program & Project Management
Business Process and Systems Design
Knowledge Management
Change, Risk and Quality Management

Strategy and Architecture:

We provide business and technology strategy consulting services for a selected range of industry segments and business functions.  Our professionals have deep experience in industries including software, high technology, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, energy and life sciences.  We provide expertise in major business functions such as finance, sales, customer service, distribution, manufacturing, marketing and product development.  Some examples of our strategy services are:·     

Product positioning and market assessment 
Definition and planning of Business transformation initiatives
Turnaround planning
Business case and roadmap for package software implementation
Production system and business process reviews to identify areas for further improvement
IT strategy development - assessment and validation of strategic technology plans.

Program & Project Management:

Having a strong program/project management backbone is the number one success factor that will enable you to steer a program to successful completion, on time and on budget.  Experienced and empowered management is necessary to make any significant project succeed.

Xceleris can provide hands-on program/project management or supplement your project management team where there is a gap in resources or skills. Our professionals are prepared to address business, process and organization issues. We can also leverage our team of experts to identify and address technology integration pitfalls before they become obstacles.  We recommend a mirroring approach where our professionals share project management roles with an internal leader, leveraging the best of internal knowledge and external expertise.

One of the most important tools to enable effective program and project management is the creation of a program management office (PMO).  A program management office provides a focal point for developing methodologies, standards and best practices adapted to your business and for distributing them throughout your organization.  Xceleris professionals can help you establish an effective program management office and help your team apply currently available project and knowledge management technology to optimize its operations.

Business Process & Systems Design:

During the recent Dot.com boom, many companies were persuaded that the technology itself was the driver for business efficiency and competitive advantage.  Now, it is clearer than ever before that the key drivers for business efficiency and competitive advantage are your business model, processes and organization.  Technology, of course, can augment or hinder your success.

Xceleris professionals have the discipline and experience to focus on business before technology.  Whether you are still trying to extract the benefits promised from a previous ERP implementation or launching a new initiative, we can help you establish a sold business foundation before you contemplate enabling technology.  We have the experience and expertise across business functions and industries to leverage your existing best practices and redesign your other processes and organization.

Knowledge Management:

Active knowledge management is at the heart of what we do.  We believe that a consultant has not done a good job if the benefits of a project cannot be sustained and further developed after the consultant leaves. As part of any project, we insist on the definition of a knowledge transfer process, including specific criteria for completion of the knowledge transfer.  We also assist our clients in designing, developing and deploying specific knowledge management processes and systems.

One of the biggest challenges for effective knowledge management is to navigate through the maze of technologies and products offered for document management, knowledge-bases, workflow, portals and collaboration.  The solution is to design a knowledge management process that will meet your business objectives and use this to guide any technology requirements.  The good news is that you probably already have "good enough" technology in-house.

Change, Risk & Quality Management:

Change, Risk and Quality Management are critical to the success of any program or project.  Xceleris provides experienced professionals who will help you achieve performance goals by taking care of change issues, identifying and mitigating risks, and developing and implementing quality standards. The content of our assistance is illustrated by the following examples of typical engagements:

Change Management:
Change management from the top executive down to the lowest levels is an essential component of any strategic change.  Our approach to change management emphasizes clear executive sponsorship, clear communication, and practical metrics and explicit incentives.  We can help you plan for organizational change, design training and communication processes, and facilitate team-building.

Risk Management:
We facilitate risk management with a hands-on approach. We can help you quickly identify risk factors, define mitigation strategies and incorporate these strategies into program and project plans.  We can also help you manage risks over the full lifecycle of a strategic program with continuous support or periodic milestone reviews.

Quality Management:
Quality management assistance includes definition of quality standards, processes and plans, facilitation of periodical quality reviews, definition and monitoring of quality scorecards, and effective deployment of quality policies. We can directly manage quality programs for the long-term or offer very targeted assistance in the form of a quality audit.

In addition to helping you establish change, risk and quality management for new projects, we can help you with the in-flight review of a project already underway.


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