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Our Consultants Deliver Superior Value to Clients

Each individual Xceleris team member has been key in delivering superior value to clients. Our clients see the advantage of our business-consulting model and business systems integrations services.

Our primary goal is to earn the highest level of customer satisfaction by delivering tangible and rapid results. As proof of our commitment, we welcome opportunities to tie our fees to client success.

Managing Change in a Global Organization
Fortune 50 computer manufacturing company implemented a global ERP system.

Implementing an enterprise wide business application is more than software and hardware: it's more than 8,000 employees and customers in 40 countries, learning new and changing business processes. We addressed this tremendous change engaging the entire organization with leadership training workshops and with communication and marketing programs within the organization and We established a global training network for employees and customers, implementing "Train the Trainer", training programs and distance learning. The success of the change management processes ensured that business operations continued smoothly.

Processes that deliver results
A software company had outgrown its capability to release their products on time.

After a series of workshops and interviews, the product marketing and product engineering team members collaboratively designed new processes. Those processes were successfully deployed to the team using a collaborative, dynamic, web-based product life cycle management software package. Within three months after its deployment, the team saw results: increased collaboration and communication, a clear product road map, better-defined priorities, and the ability to successfully deliver its product to market.

Business Speed
A first-tier search engine startup needed to establish a solid business systems back-office infrastructure to sustain their growth.

After SAP R/3 was selected as the platform of choice, a joint strike team established new business processes and deployed into two companies in 80 days.

Visibility into Semiconductor Supply-chain
A 15-20% reduction in overall cycle-time.

Delivery of a solution to track work-in-progress for a fab-less semiconductor company was critical to gaining time-to-market advantage. This client was dealing with a multi-vendor, multi-location supply chain environment. By incorporating early alerts and advanced notification they realized a 15-20% reduction in overall cycle-time.

Renovating a Product Line in 18 Months
This global leader of the luxury goods industry needed to develop two new cosmetic product families in a short timeframe.

Highly collaborative processes were used to concurrently drive marketing and sales preparation, product design and testing, supply chain development and pipelining. New quality standards were created to define and manage the quality of breakthrough product features. Design-to-cost techniques were used to keep similar price points to the phased-out products, while significantly increasing the product value proposition. New sourcing solutions were built to achieve cost objectives.

Deploying Product Data Management Across the Enterprise
This leading tier-one supplier of automotive interior equipments needed to deploy seamless PDM capabilities to service OEMs on a global scale.

After designing and implementing the PDM system for critical pilot project, the system was deployed in successive waves to all existing projects and products to support:

  • Re-engineered PLM processes
  • Three main design and manufacturing steps
  • 20+ sites globally
  • Multiple function and product families

As a result of the project, the company was able to leverage common designs and components to develop products for OEMs (e.g. Honda) in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Breakthrough benefits were achieved in time-to-market, PLM and product quality costs.

Growing a Sales Team
An emerging technology-consulting firm needed to expand sales globally.

Establishing a global sales team that delivers consistent, high quality messages to perspective clients required developing new market strategies, building marketing materials, hiring and training top notch sales professionals and establishing procedures for managing sales targets. The client sales team grew from two to fifteen resources in less than six months, resulting in additional business opportunities totaling more than $20 million.

Deploying Lean Processes Globally
After a thorough restructuring and cost-cutting effort, an Automotive tier-one supplier decided to launch a " lean enterprise " transformation and became the leading 1st tier supplier to OEMs in terms of quality, innovation and financial performance.

Best "lean manufacturing" practices were defined for product innovation, supply management, customer service, manufacturing operations, and quality management. Implementation of these best practices was monitored by specific performance metrics and reviewed monthly by corporate as well as site and shop floor management. More than two thirds of the company's staff, in all 60 global manufacturing and engineering sites, was trained in these best practices. Deployment toolkits were developed in nine languages. This transformative effort has been sustained and is audited regularly by a team of internal experts. The company is now one of Toyota's preferred suppliers and its stock is among the industry's top performers.

Bringing Process Consistency with a Global ERP  Implementation
This leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry decided to increase process and systems consistency across its global operations. Three pilot countries on three continents were selected to define and implement the new "core model".

Leveraging best practices from an existing SAP finance and procurement installation, a "core and local" approach was used to extend functionality into the sales & distribution, supply chain and manufacturing processes. This design approach meant identifying core and local business requirements and collaboratively working toward commonality. Despite the challenge of very different markets and operations, system design ended on time and on target, with implementation sign-off approved by all three pilot sites.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Operations at a Global High Technology Leader
Having significantly evolved and grown for several years at a double-digit rate by acquisitions and divestitures, this division of a global High Technology leader decided to launch IT-supported initiatives to improve process effectiveness and consistency worldwide.

The IT-supported initiatives were prioritized and organized in a three-year plan, based on their strategic value and impact on the different Business Units(BU). In spite of a very decentralized culture, the three main BUs accepted the plan. The first initiatives were launched and implemented at pilot locations in Asia, in two critical areas: business intelligence and management execution systems. Both initiatives provided for a "corporate" design with local customization. Rollout and design sign-off involved Management in Asia, the US and Europe.

Deploying Common Systems for Post-Merger Consolidation
This global leader of the crop science industry, resulting from the merger of two companies, was facing significant profitability issues in one of its major markets and decided to implement common systems to accelerate the benefits of the merger.

After deploying SAP FI-CO as a common system for finance, the consolidation of sales, supply chain and manufacturing systems was launched as a second phase. The deployment of SAP SD, MM, PP, PM, PS with extensions of FI-CO was carried out in parallel to major site restructuring and consolidation. Thorough project documentation, quality assurance & risk management and change management allowed for a smooth go-live and good user acceptance, with major productivity improvements.

Rapid Application Development of a Cancer Care Application
A small startup drug distribution company looking for a way to improve patient care and medical office procedures.

A small startup had a great idea for linking drug databases to medical cancer care. Using a RAD methodology with two separate development companies we created a custom medical application, which checked for patient drug contra-indications, provided patient drug information and tracked lab tests against chemotherapy regimens.

Decades of Managed Services
Providing outstanding IT outsourcing.

Each year the quality and customer expectations rise as you provide better service and more results at level costs.  Managing client expectations, motivating staff to exceed those client expectations year-in and year-out requires a firm hand with a soft touch. Taking responsibility and ownership for the system failures and quietly accepting the accomplishment when your team successfully implements a project on time and on budget are the keys to client satisfaction.

Business Intelligence Infrastructure for Educational Products Provider
Business critical need for timely information.

A multi million-dollar company operating an ERP solution found themselves without the timely and critical information required to run their business. The implementation of a Data warehousing solution to complement the ERP package delivered the key barometers and performance indicators to help run business effectively. The solution implemented was completed in less than 120 days.

Deep Market Insights
An investment company was willing to invest $150 M in a software startup venture.

A heavy weight team of top experts was assembled to investigate and analyze all aspects of a proposed business plan: management team, financials, markets, products, strategies, organization and infrastructure, short and long term prospects. Within a month, recommendations were delivered, enabling the client to make a well-informed decision.




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